Fundraising Tips

We need your help to raise £20,000 on Purple Friday. We are absorbing all of the costs for this event and signing up is free, but we are asking you to raise a minimum of £50 as an individual, or £350 as a team.

The easiest way to fundraise as a team or individual is to set up a JustGiving page which will automatically add your fundraising to our Purple Friday total;  sending your donations directly and securely to us, and even collecting up to 25% extra through Gift Aid.

Setting up your fundraising page is easy and doesn't take long:

Go here to set up your JustGiving page

Share it with your friends and start collecting donations online

Did you know… you can raise even more if you: upload a profile picture/video; add a personal story;

add the first donation yourself; share a link to your page on your social media.

Fundraising Resources

Download our logos here and make your fundraising page stand out


Download the Purple Friday poster

Download this image to share on social media and WhatsApp

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Work Teams

Why not get together as a team and do your 5km as a lunchtime walk on Purple Friday? Then you’ll have earned a coffee and cake at the end of it! If you are too far apart to meet up, why not set up a virtual group and set off at the same time, sharing photos on the group chat as you go? You don’t have to walk. Why not try a different challenge each and clock up the 5km on foot, by bike, on a scooter, or even by front-crawl, passing the torch virtually between you as you do. However you choose to support us, we’re so grateful.


Why not get your whole school or class involved and send a strong message of support to LGBT pupils in your school! Organise a walk or run around campus and ask pupils to donate £1 to take part. You can transfer your donations directly to us and we’ll add them to the Purple Friday total with your school name to show everyone. To register, simply email and include your full name, school name, email address, contact number and address.

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You might be on your own, but you’re not alone! As part of Team Purple you have thousands of people across the country on foot, on wheels and in water, right alongside you. Maybe you want to use your regular gym session to wear your Pass The Torch T-shirt and clock up the Ks. Maybe you want to meet friends for a walk after work and cross your 5km finish-line with them beside you. However you choose to 'pass the torch', we are so grateful and we’re cheering you on.